Our Solutions

VCTV provides an affordable, end-to-end communication solution with higher value products than our competitors. Our systems are designed to give your community a solution that operates on a designated channel throughout your community. When you purchase your VCTV system, you gain the benefit of our more than 25 years of industry service, guaranteed overnight parts replacement, and the peace of mind that comes from working directly with the company that built your system and pioneered this concept.

Our solutions are listed below with a quick description. Please call or email us for more information, and let us work with you to find a solution that will best fit your needs.

  M-Pod All-in-One Communication Center
    VCTV's copyrighted M-Pod software gives you a complete communication system allowing you multiple output of separate content for your house channel, digital display and web portal.
  VCTV Digital Video and Audio Insertion
    Allows you to import custom video and audio files. Beneficial for corporate and community branding.
  VCTV 2125/Pro
    VCTV's 2125/Pro is a full media workstation with multiple audio/video, web-based and network applications.
  VCTV 2125/DSS
    An all inclusive digital signage package to accommplish your communities communication needs for guests, visitors, and residents.
  VCTV 2125/DWP
    VCTV's 2-in-1 system allows separate content for digital display and web portal programming. Perfect solution for communities without an in-house channel.
  VCTV 2125/Desktop
    Text, graphic and audio/video generator utilizing VCTV's easy to use content management software.
  VCTV Calendar Software
    Insert your community's own calendar program into the community channel display with One Write Capability.
  Cable Conversion Consultation/Service
    We can upgrade your antiquated, analog in-house channel to be compatable with your current digital cable services. Call us to discuss a consultation.
    Note: All VCTV systems are accessible through the web or your community's network

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